School Supplies

Students at all GMCS schools will receive the school supplies and class material they will need.  This is the second school year our district leadership has made this possible to help parents with the expense of these items and that we want to help in moving your student forward.  School supplies will be issued to students in classes once the school year begins.

Soaring towards

Life-Long Learning,
Excellence and

Gallup McKinley School District Dress Code Policy

Students are expected to arrive to school in a professional, neat, clean, and appropriate attire for learning while on campus or on school sponsored activities and field trips. Interpretation of the following dress code is subject to administrative discretion. All clothing must be clear of any writing from pens/markers. Students should be modest in their dress and not wear clothing that is revealing or distracting from the educational process. Spaghetti straps, jeans with tears or holes, hoodies, and head wear are NOT allowed. In addition, short skirts or shorts are not allowed not will shirts with visible midriff be tolerated.

  • MASKS:  Still to be determined. Information will be sent to parents as soon as possible.
  • Shirts:  Must be button up dress shirts. Spirit shirts.  T shirts from any college.  Appropriate t shirts  (NO paraphernalia or graphics of a sexual nature, or appropriate words/phrases). School spirit shirts will be on specified Spirit days and earned from the students following school dress code policies.
  • Pants/shorts/skirts:  Must be in solid color black, gray, khaki (tan, no cargo pants), navy blue, dress pants and jeans with no holes. No sweat pants, leggings, stretch, wind pants, warmups, or pajamas are allowed.
  • Sweatshirts and pullovers are acceptable only if they are solid colors and only with school emblems or print.
  • Jackets/Coats:  All jackets must not have any school inappropriate information or graphics on them.  Hoods are not allowed to be worn in the school building.  NO trench coats.
  • Hats/Hoods/Baseball Caps:  Head wear is not allowed in the school building, unless there are special circumstances that warrant it and has been approved by administration.


Accessories including, but not limited to, studded bracelets, belts, necklaces,; belt loop or chain wallets, chains that connect body piercing and belts that extend more than 6 inches beyond the buckle or that hang down.  Pins, clothing, tattoos, or accessories that advertise, display, or promote any drug (including tobacco and alcohol), sexual innuendo, violence, weaponry, disruptive symbols, profanity, hate or bigotry towards any group or is offensive, disrespectful to other individuals.  Safety pins, paperclips or similar objects used as decoration or accessories on any type of attire. These objects may be considered weapons. No key chains or any other item hanging out of clothing.  Baseball caps are not allowed at school.  Logos that can be affiliated with gang activities (ex, ICP, South Pole, etc.), criminal activity, violence, drugs or alcohol, skeletons, or guns will not be allowed at school on any item (clothing, backpacks, jewelry, etc.).  Bandanas of any color are not allowed.

Dress Code Violations

Parents of students who violate the dress code policy will be contacted and student will be sent home to change or bring in a change of clothing.  If parents cannot be reached, student will serve In School suspension for the day with the teacher on duty.  Student will not be allowed to participate in incentive events, if they violate the dress code for that week.  Continued violations will be charged as misbehaviors, and administration will follow board policy.


Crownpoint High School Administration will make the final determination if there is a question about a student violating the dress code policy.  Any gifts given to students will follow the same dress code policy.


GMCS shall permit student possession of personal electronic devices on all district property and at all district sponsored activities while the student is under the supervision of district staff.  These devices shall be kept out of sight and silenced or powered off during the instructional day unless permitted by district, school or Teacher procedures.  Use of personal electronic devices that disrupt the instructional day or include unauthorized use shall be prohibited.  Examples of prohibited use and/or items:  Bluetooth speackers, Laser pointers, Making/receiving calls during instruction, testing during instruction, taking pictures and videos and cyber bullying over devices.

High school students will be allowed to have electronic devices at school, but

The devices must be TURNED OFF from the first bell to the last bell of the day.

First Offense

If a student has the electronic device on during the day or is sending text messages, the device will be taken away, logged into the office by an identified office staff as designated by the principal.       

The Parents/Guardian of the student may retrieve the device from the administration office with thirty minutes of the start or end of the day.

Second Offense

The electronic device will be taken away, logged into the office by an identified office staff as designated by the principal.  The parents/guardians will be able to pick up the electronic device at the one week.

Third Offense

The electronic device will be taken away, logged into the office by an identified office staff as designated by the principal.  The parents/guardians will be able to pick up the electronic device at the semester.

Continued violation of this policy will result in misbehavior (12.22) as per board policy.

The school is NOT responsible for the loss of any electronic device.

The use of a cell phone by anyone during a Lock Down is strictly prohibited for the safety of all students and staff.  (Schools who do not have effective intercom systems may use cell phones as a way of communicating)